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The Malnutrition is very high among the Pudi Bhuyan children. Their daily dietary intake constitutes millet based food, rice and green leaves. Even they survive with only millets, some amount of rice with salt for several days that is resulted in huge nutrient gap. A study conducted by Jivan Vikas, base line information about 538 children below 5 years (59 months) indicates prevalence of malnutrition among children. Prevalence of Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) is found to be as high as 9.9% among the children, out of which 12.6% boys and 7.4% girls.  20.5% SAM children are in the age group of 6-17 months, 16.8% in the age group of 18-29 months, and 15.6% in the age group of 30-41 months. Similarly, Moderate acute malnutrition is found to be 26%. Most of the women are found anaemic. Most of the new borne babies are found low weight. The social and cultural practices in relation to child care are also a major concern. The mothers take the children along with them to the field and work place, binding them to their body. The complimentary food intake (after six months of exclusive breast feeding to the children are compromised due to lack of awareness and poor feeding practices. If the children are left in the house they are mostly taken care by the siblings (mostly minor) and the food intake is compromised. Due to lack of awareness and poor road connectivity institutional delivery is very low in the areas. 

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